Finding One Word for the New Year

Hello, my friend! I am sure many of us are still busy organizing our thoughts for the year ahead, setting new goals and planning for the action items, and so on. I am, too! But don't you feel at times that you perhaps you have too many goals, too many things you want to achieve in the new year? Well, I did.  

So, when I stumbled on a simple quiz to discover one word for the new year, I jumped on to take it because I was beginning to feel like I was lost in my own words and goals. I needed to declutter my mind first and really concentrate on one word. The result? My word was "Courage" and I instantly knew that it couldn't be more relevant.  

For those who would like to humbly ask the Lord's guidance, I would like to share a bible reading plan from the "Bible" app, which is called "One Word That Will Change Your Life". It is a 4-day plan and consists of a devotional and three Bible passages. Basically, it guides us to simplify our mind from complexity and clutter and discover that one word to focus on this year. 

What is your one word, my friend? 

* Helpful resource: 

  • "One Word That Will Change Your Life" from the Bible app. 

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