The new beginning of a new chapter!

Happy New Year! It is the first week of the new year. Just like the image above, we have a wide open road in front of us. Each of us will take a different journey, but it would be common for all of us that we have great hope for this trip ahead of us. 

As I look back last year, God answered my prayers faithfully and sincerely (Praise the Lord!). Every new year's day, my family would gather together and write down a page full of things we are grateful for the past year and the things we hope for the new year. One of my prayer requests at the beginning of 2018 was that the Lord would enlarge my territory of people in faith, just as Jabez had prayed. He was indeed faithful to my request. I have welcomed into my life many new friends who share the same faith and it has been so exciting to see how God is expanding my territory. So, in 2019, I pray that God would continue to bless me in this area and help me strengthen my relationship with those around me. 

What are your prayer requests for this new year? Health, new friends, a new career or business opportunity? Whatever that is, my friend, let's remind ourselves that we have been given a wonderful present with 365 new days. I pray that our hearts be full of courage and hope as we plan for this year. 


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